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Bamboo Tea Tray, Clue 10
October 21, 2015, 8:33 pm
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The tenth (& last) clue in the Stitching Games 2015 run by stitcherie is “Line Stitch”. Straight stitches are line stitches including those done on the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. So, I am repeating my last diagonal line stitches (cashmere) on the right side of the piece but in the opposite direction. With this post, I am concluding an interesting adventure. I may never stitch with Panache by Rainbow Gallery again – too difficult to control.

Bamboo finished


Gentle Waves
October 17, 2015, 6:02 pm
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This is the second rendition of Gentle Waves. While I didn’t win a ribbon this year, I’m happy looking at this piece. And, even better is that 2 of my designs are going to be available to members through 2 different venues. Can’t say more yet.

Initially, the judges were concerned my initials were in the piece (they are supposed to review without knowing who pieces belong to). But, an exhibit assistant pointed out that it meant “Love Myrtle Beach”. Very true. They said it is a very clever and creative addition to the piece. Little did they know, it is also means “Love Melita & Bill”. It happened that seminar was later this year near our 28th anniversary!

The judge’s critique raised excellent points. A few threads in the sandy area began to lose the twist. However, my laid threads are smooth and tension is very even. Maybe I should stay away from threads that twist!! The texture and color of the chenille was a good choice for the breaking waves. But, the gradation of the blues was a bit too abrupt especially because the texture changes of the threads emphasize those sudden transitions. When I switched from a diagonal stitch to the vertical bargello pattern, the thread was too thin & they didn’t miss it! The judge said a diagonal water stitch would have drawn the viewer ‘s eye from the water to the beach (that was more of what I had used in my first rendition).

This was interesting: “Turn your piece upside down so that you’re viewing the heart and letters upside down and do the same with the photo you took from the John Hancock building. First, do see how the water (the larger portion of the design) is sweeping you “up into it” and moving you toward the sand? Do you see how the water now appears to go from the “heavier” weight it to the “lighter”. Since this is an aerial view,  this gives the viewer a more “I wish you were there” sensation.” I can see the sweeping motion differing between the two.

As always, I love learning from the comments – the judges do an excellent job offering constructive criticism.

Beach photo, upside down     Gentle Waves, upside down

 Beach photo     Gentle Waves

Walking the Water’s Edge by Diane Herrmann

For a 5-hour class, it may not look like I got much done (Hubby, Is that it?). But, I got half the base row done, only did a little of row 2 to learn the blending technique (you can see just a touch of light blue), started the eyelets, and practiced the bullion for the starfish  (in the top extra area).

It should move along once I get the base row completed. The random eyelets are fun too.

And, didn’t Trish make wonderful matching project bags for the project!

Water's Edge

October 9, 2015, 7:29 pm
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Merry Christmas Anita!

For the stitchers viewing this post, I used Watercolours, Lilac (039) for the border.  The stitches were selected in order to get the random effect on the top & bottom while the sides were solids. But, the same thread was used. Stitches selected from Suzy’s Portable stitches are Cross 6×6 on bottom left, Stephanie on right side, Shamrock on top right, and Double Trellis on left side.

The threads on the bottom row of spools from left to right are: Grandeur (G808), Wildflowers  (6026), Rainbow Tweed  (RT38), Splendor  (S932); top row left to right are: Pepper Pot Silk  (81), Impressions  (7072), Soie Cristal (SC15), Rainbow Linen.

My bag & insert:


Anita’s design is Spools:


Grab Bags at Seminar
October 8, 2015, 6:02 pm
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I had loads of fun going through the 2 grab bags & I found a combination of threads that may just have to be my next project!

The canvases are cute. They are probably 14 count but that’s ok. Why aren’t there more hours in the day?

Grab Bag 1

Grab Bag 2

Grab Canvases