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Christmas Diamonds by Kurdy Biggs of Threedles, Diamond One
April 28, 2019, 8:08 am
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Last year, my ANG Keystone Garden chapter offered Christmas Diamonds as a project. I hadn’t done a piece by Kurdy Biggs before. So, I decided to do it but didn’t get to it until now. There are 3 different designs in the Needlepoint Now November/December 2015 issue.

This is the first diamond with my colors on a white canvas with silver sparkles. I added some small (3mm) silver bugle beads and did the beads a little differently than diagrammed. And, I used smaller size beads inside the border Jessicas because the 11 beads overcrowded the Jessicas. The smaller beads fit much better. For alternating Jessicas, I used 5 dark sead beads and then 4 light Delica and a 5th dark sead bead on top. I finished the beads in the border during my Saturday afternoon with my ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter (always the 4th Saturday at Starbucks on Lancaster Ave in Wayne, PA from 11 am to 3 pm).

The threads are Kreinik #4 Braid 1432, Entice E248, Silk Lame Braid Petite SP118, Splendor S988, and Treasure Braid TR277. The beads are Miyuki Delica Beads 15/0 DBS0166 and Sundance Beads Size 11 and Size 14/15 Color 327P; the beading thread is from Sundance too in Teal and Turquoise colors.

Discontinued Kreinik
April 24, 2019, 8:12 pm
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Discontinued Kreinik colors and suggested substitutions (NM means no close match)

• 031L Berry Red = 153V Vintage Burgundy
• 034 Confetti = NM
• 041 Confetti Pink = 044 Confetti Blue
• 042 Confetti Fuchsia = NM
• 043 Confetti Green = NM
• 070 Mardi Gras = 5011 Elfin Green
• 195 Sunburst = 095 Starburst
• 235 Red Ember = 307 Deep Coral
• 271 Plum = 3223 Ametrine
• 393 Silver Night = 622 Wedgewood Blue
• 664 Magenta Blue = NM
• 3240 Opal = 095 Starburst
• 3508 Rhumba Green = 829 Mint Julep
• 3509 Cha Cha Verde = 008HL Green Hi Lustre
• 3540 Bolero Black = 005 Black
• 4001 Green Tea = 4201 Sugar Cane
• 4002 Spiced Chai = 4202 Dusky Meadow
• 4003 Ginseng Gold = 4203 Cattail
• 4004 Earl Grey = 4204 Storm Cloud
• 4005 Sugar Cube = 102 Vatican Gold
• 4006 Rosehip = NM (slightly more lilac is 3223 Ametrine. 093 Star Mauve, or 023 Lilac; slightly pinker is 007HL Pink Hi Lustre)
• 5002 Pixiedust = NM (close but without blue is
• 4013 Purple Haze or 3223 Ametrine, or without the purple is 025 Grey)
• 5004 Love Potion = 024L Fiery Fuchsia
• 5007 Brocade = 5006 Ore
• 5008 Leprechaun = 009 Emerald
• 5525 Lemon = 5725 Lollipop Lemon
• 5530 Rosemary Green = 4201 Sugar Cane
• 9300 Orchid = NM (closest pastel is slightly darker 093 Star Mauve)
• 2094HL Heather Hi Lustre = NM
• 056F Blueberry = NM
• 057F Grape = NM
• 003C Red Cord = 003 Red
• 005C Black Cord = 005 Black
• 007C Pink Cord = 007 Pink
• 008C Green Cord = 008 Green
• 011C Nickel Cord = 010HL Steel Grey
• 012C Purple Cord = 012 Purple
• 032C Pearl Cord = 032 Pearl
• 034C Confetti Cord = NM (closest but without black is 095 Starburst)
• 041C Confetti Pink Cord = 044 Confetti Blue
• 051C Sapphire Cord = 051HL Sapphire Hi Lustre
• 086C Fern = 4201 Sugar Cane
• 087C Meadow Grass = 089 Aspen
• 088C Lily Pond Cord = 4201 Sugar Cane
• 104C Colonial Gold Cord = 210 Gold Dust
• 208C Wine Cord = 080HL Garnet Hi Lustre
• 225C Slate Cord = 025 Grey
• MD76 Marine Blue in Micro Ice Chenille = NM
• Petite/Facets 012 = Petite/Facets 026

It didn’t take too long to find discontinued threads: 051C, 032C, 086C, 088C, 034, 042, 664, and 2094 (not all are pictured). I marked them so I know they can’t be replaced.

Winter Sleigh Scene, Snow, Sleigh, and Ornaments
April 23, 2019, 7:43 am
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A few of my ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter members are stitching this Alice Peterson canvas, Winter Scene Sleigh. We’re using the painted canvas as a learning experience as we’ve been doing with other painted canvas. We discuss the differences between two stitch guides. I’m selecting my own stitches and threads.

Not wanting to make the green shadow near the sleigh more prominent, I used Water N’ Ice WT1, a translucent, loosely braided, flat ribbon which allowed less of the green shows through. Since the reflective surface shows better with long stitches, I selected an alternating slanted gobelin over 4. Good thing I had multiple cards of Water N’ Ice because I’m going through it like water. It frays like crazy. I pulled out my Thread Zap II to seal the ends with moderate improvement. Now that I’m done, I found a tip from Julia Snyder on Facebook, “If you will thread the loop through your needle and make the loop large enough to slide over the point of the needle, then pull the longer tail. This will put a slip knot on the eye of the needle and it makes it so much easier to work with.”

The packages were fun and a bit challenging.

  • The beige present is a woven stitch with Flair F503 and the green bow has DMC #8 Perle tent and reverse tent covered by Neon Rays+ NP135 (longer stitches for the bow).
  • The green present is an overlaid cross with Bella Lussa 630 (from Sandra Arthur’s Series I, Rectangle 4×8 adjusted to size). It has a white strip which is a horizontal spring stitch using Snow 09 Silver (from Sandra Arthur’s Series I, Rectangle 2×6 adjusted to size). And, the bow is a tied piece of Flair F593 tacked down with 1 ply of Splendor S891.
  • The blue present is a diagonal weave couching with Impressions 7072 (from Sandra Arthur’s Series I, Rectangle 7×2 adjusted to size). The bow is a combination of tent and lazy daisy using Kreinik #16 Braid 060.
  • The red present is a square scotch with tent, and gobelin edges using Elegance E820, Kreinik #8 Braid 061, and Bella Lusso 764, respectively. And, reverse scotch uses 1 strand of Bijoux 429 Jasper. The stitch pattern comes from Sandra Arthur’s Series I, Square 8×8 adjusted to size. The bow is tent stitch covered twice (a few longer stitches) using Fyre Werks F34.

The packages sit in a gray sleigh consisting of Vineyard Dilk Shimmer 536 and 535 using the Herringbone Ground I from Julia Snyder’s Keys to Canvas Embellishment. It creates a beveled effect that I like for body of the sleigh. The metal runners are a single long thread of Kreinik 1/16″ ribbon 005HL with a running stitch along the center to hold it in place. The ribbon spread out nicely to cover 2 canvas threads.

It’s all much more sparkly than the picture shows.

Patchwork of Peace, Row 7 Red
April 19, 2019, 10:48 am
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This is such a fun way to do a stitch sampler.

Starting with the block on the right (#1) moving to the left (#11), I used the following threads (1 strand unless noted):

1 – Bella Lusso 764 and Planet Earth 6 ply Silk 1005

2 – Splendor S820 (2 strands) and Kreinik #8 Braid 421

3 – Pepper Pot Silk 017 (1 ply) and Elegance E820

4 – Bella Lusso 764 and Needlepoint Inc Silk 502 (2 strands)

5 – Au Ver A Soie 100/3 SMS 499 (2 strands) and Entice E239

6 – Pepper Pot Silk 018 (2 plys, not laid) and Kreinik #8 Braid 003V

7 – Needlepoint Inc Silk 503 (2 strands)

8 – Kreinik #8 Braid 5505, Planet Earth 6 ply Silk 1009 (2 strands), Elegance E820

9 – Soie d’ Alger 4624 (2 strands) and Kreinik #8 Braid 003V

10 – Pepper Pot Silk 018 (2 plys laid) and Silk Lame Braid Petite SP08

11 – Splendor S1005 (2 strands) and Splendor S820 (2 strands)

Patchwork of Peace, Row 5 Red
April 12, 2019, 11:11 am
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Still enjoying the various stitch patterns. Good thing because I have lots more to do!

Starting with the block on the right (#1) moving to the left (#11), I used the following threads (1 strand unless noted):

1 – Pepper Pot Silk 018 (2 plys) and Splendor S820 (2 strands)

2 – Planet Earth 6 Ply Silk 1009 (2 strands) and Kreinik #8 Braid 061

3 – Needlepoint Inc Silk 503 (3 strands), Silk Lame Braid Petite SP08, and Splendor S1005

4 – Needlepoint Inc Silk 502 (3 strands) and Planet Earth 6 ply Silk 1005 (2 strands)

5 – Elegance E820 and Splendor S820 (2 strands)

6 – Bella Lusso 764 and Kreinik #8 Braid 5505

7 – Planet Earth 6 ply Silk 1005 (2 strands) and Planet Earth 6 ply Silk 1009 (2 strands)

8 – Soie d’ Alger 4624 (2 strands) and Kreinik #8 Braid 003V

9 – Au Ver A Soie 100/3 499 (2 strands) and Elegance E820

10 – Pepper Pot Silk 018 (1 ply) and Pepper Pot Silk 018 (1 ply) and

11 – Bella Lusso 764

Bead and Ribbon Classes with Sandy Arthur at Rittenhouse Needlepoint

What a great 2 days I had with Sandy Arthur at Rittenhouse Needlepoint. We worked with beads the first day and ribbons the second day. These are the first classes that I have taken since Rittenhouse moved. The classroom is well lit, seats were cushioned, and overhead projector was useful. Very nice room. And, Russell’s homemade breads are delicious!

We covered quite a few of techniques which Sandy Arthur has perfected. So, when you look at my samples, don’t look too close and remember that I haven’t done a lot of bead or ribbon work before and time was limited (5 hours each of 2 days). Using beads was easier for me.

We learned multiple ways to attach single beads and multiple beads. Basketweave beading was tricky – really had to focus. We covered a felted ball with beads and a wooden bead with thread.

There wasn’t enough time in class to try everything in Sandy’s handouts. So, I played with the leftover beads and made a butterfly. And, the flower on the lower left corner allowed me to practice Line stitching with the green beads and Lazy Daisy stitches.

We learned the Japanese Ribbon Stitch, Ribbon Roses, Wrapped Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Gathering with Running Stitch, Ruching, and other techniques with no particular name.

I learned a lot in both classes. Sandy knows her stuff and teaches it well. As with anything, it needs practice to show improvement. That’s why a doodle canvas or the 2″ border of a canvas is good for practicing.

Visiting ANG Delaware Seashore Chapter for Overdyed Spools (correction to Diagram 2)

I was very appreciative of being invited to join the ANG Delaware Seashore chapter to lead my Chapter Project Book piece called Overdyed Spools. These ladies didn’t “need” me as they are very accomplished stitchers. Before getting started on Spools, I shared a lesson on overdyed threads that I prepared back in 2013 for my ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter. It included some information from June McKnight’s book about how colors of overdyed threads can get clumpy (left photo), stitching randomly eliminates that best (center photo), and tweeding or stitching by reversing the thread can help unless as with this double brick stitch the colors fall together (blue in the center of right photo). Her book, Shading and Thread Blending Techniques for Needlepoint, has lots more information on the subject.


I also brought stitched pieces using all overdyed threads that I selected for a Kathy Rees piece called Spirit of Jean; which demonstrated how I manipulated overdyed threads to have the color repeat in the same places along the Smyrna border, within the Amadeus stitches, and triangular waffles.

My Purple Mountains Majesty ( used a single overdyed thread with 3 colors which I stitched in a particular stitch pattern to get the color to fall where I wanted it to.

And, my newest and as yet unrevealed design using a combination of overdyed and solid threads where I manipulated the overdyed threads by cutting them specifically to fall in certain areas. That’ll be going to Seminar in Houston!

Then, we had fun looking for the repeating color pattern of various skeins of Watercolors. Even within several different dye lots of Lilac there were variations. So, several women’s skeins were particularly difficult to find the pattern. And, one we gave up on & we swapped it out for an extra skein.

There are differences in the Spools as originally stitched and Spools restitched. I widened Areas A & C. Therefore, the spools themselves are smaller in the restitched version ( I did find an error in Diagram 2 of Overdyed Spools.

Diagram 2 error

Their Cheer Community Center (20520 Sandhill Rd, Georgetown, DE) has a nice little cafeteria (great tuna fish). Good lighting in the room – no steps to go up or down. They meet the first Monday of the month from 10 am – 2 pm. Visit their Facebook page ( or you can email them at . It was another fun time visiting my seashore neighbors!