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Needle Arts, EGA’s Magazine, Master Craftsman Program Canvas
February 26, 2020, 2:52 pm
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The Embroiderer’s Guild of America (EGA) magazine is called Needle Arts and the latest issue (Volume 51, Number 1, March 2020) arrived at home a couple of days ago and I just opened it up. Accompanying it was the Education Catalog 2020-2023. What a wonderful surprise it was to see my fish on page 5 advertising Step 1 of the Canvas Embroidery Master Craftsman Program.

Another women’s piece is shown for Step 3 to demonstrate diaper patterns.

Speaking of Step 3, I purchased Ann Strite-Kurz’s booklet and CD called Diaper Patterns. Ann signed it for me, “Welcome to my world of Diaper Patterns”. And, what a world! More like a universe. Not only does she walk you through how to create them but she has so many examples in the book and hundreds on the CD. I love the chapter with examples from a lot of designers and teachers.

I started playing with patterns almost immediately. Learning by doing is more fun than just reading. The possibilities are endless!

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Blanton’s Bottle Progress
February 22, 2020, 8:13 pm
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There was a nice turn out for today’s Main Line Stitch-in with a surprise Show ‘n Tell from 3 members. I’m gathering photos of pieces to send to the graphic artist who will create our advertising postcard featuring a couple of pieces for our month-long exhibit at the Media Arts Council Gallery which will be starting July 11. It’s open to the public.

Today, I continued with the Woven stitch using 2 strands of Bijoux Tiger Eye MMT482 on the Blanton’s canvas. The open stitch and thin thread allows the colors of the canvas to show through. Since I really didn’t understand the white areas, I am happy that they are much less apparent. Next month, Saturday March 28, I should finish the glass bottle.

Please join us any fourth Saturday of the month from 11 am – 3 pm at Starbucks in Wayne, PA (218 Lancaster Ave).

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Monthly Zentangle Class
February 12, 2020, 3:43 pm
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Since our weather has been so cooperative here in Philly, I have gone out at night to a church in Chestnut Hill for Mindy Shapiro’s 2-hour class in January and February. She is a certified Zentangle teacher that I took a class from back in November.

Last month, we did a round piece (4.5″ diameter) which was a Klimt-inspired design. I’m very excited about an ANG Cyberpointers Workshop for Klimt Kimono by Toni Gerdes which starts May 1, 2020.

This month, we did the same heart-shaped design on 4 small 2″ squares to form a mosaic for Valentine’s Day.

My Micron pens, pencils, and tortillion tools grew enough to warrant a case which lots of room to hold more.

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Barbara’s Patchwork, Areas D and E
February 7, 2020, 11:14 pm
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One of the counted projects for my ANG Main Line Stitchers Chapter is ANG’s Stitch of the Month (SOTM) from 1999, Barbara’s Patchwork. Somehow I forgot to post Area D but it’s appropriate to post in the Rhodes Hearts in February. And, the upper right Area E finished out the inner square and created balance within the area by being dense like the lower left Area C while the upper left Area B and lower right Area D are more open.

Please join us February 9 (always the second Monday of the month from 7-9 pm) at Starbucks in Wayne, PA (218 Lancaster Ave). After Show and Tell, we’ll be discussing the next section of Barbara’s Patchwork, Crescent Journey, and Vases. Even if you’re not stitching these pieces, there are interesting discussions about color choices and stitch selections.